Andrew Kong

Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Startups & Podcasting

The About TO Podcast / We Are About To

I host a podcast based out of Toronto that features monthly guests who speak on the experiences and circumstances that inspired them to pursue dream careers in fields most people neglect to consider being possible. The blog is a compilation of interviews, quotes, articles and the like that inspired me along the way. Guests include ESPN/Bill Simmons’ Grantland and Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight publisher David Cho, NBA TV’s “The Starters” host Tas Melas, Cleveland Cavaliers Center Spencer Hawes, Jr Flo of Dim Mak’s Keys N Krates, graphic designer Sophia Chang and many more.

WhoKnows: Expertise Discovery & Knowledge Management

I run the digital marketing program, corporate site, and brand communication strategy for a Citrix and Intel-sponsored enterprise startup based out of Palo Alto, California. WhoKnows delivers a transformational enterprise collaboration and knowledge management experience. Its technology maps the skills, expertise, and internal/external relationships of every employee within an enterprise as well as the content and applications they use, then intelligently surfaces and recommends that information at an employee’s time of need. This reduces needlessly-long searches for information down to seconds and can reveal warm leads you didn’t know existed into prospective clients you’ve been hoping to meet or close.

Since 95

Tired of seeing merchandise of other NBA teams flooding the city despite having a top-ranked team in the Eastern Conference and the glacial pace (and obscene lack of creativity) of corporate marketing, I paired up with a friend to launch an inspired graphic design project committed to changing the face of Toronto basketball. In less than a month, we sold over 1,000 shirts; amassed over 1,000 followers across social media; had our merchandise worn by several Raptors players and coaches, the entire in-arena entertainment team for the Raptors, the hosts of The Starters and The Hangout; were featured on international NBA TV multiple times (The Starters, Open Gym, and The Hangout), and received national press coverage. And we’re not done yet.

Two Fun Development Projects

Details coming soon.